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Tips To Pick Salwar Suit for Every Body Type

by Shaan Malhotra 17 Apr 2022

You have no restrictions in terms of selecting and wearing the best Patiala and salwar, as well as Anarkali’s. Only if you know which suit would best doll up your body type would these desi costumes and silhouettes give you an appeal, making men swoon and ladies envious of your fashion savvy. Be proud of your physique and its shape, and dress it up with a few of our suggestions.

It's all about appreciating and pampering your body.

We'd like to encourage you to appreciate yourself more—you don't have to be reed thin to look like a million bucks; that's for the ramp-walky-talky-mannequins. Wear your punjabi suits, Patiala’s, churidars, salwar kameez, shararas, etc. today to grab a few eyeballs- at work or at play, make a statement by wearing your punjabi suits, patialas, churidars, salwar kameez, shararas, etc!’ The best part about all of this is that the readymade party wear suits online are a good way to purchase and get your hands on them.

  1. For the pear-shaped lass: The lower section of a pear-shaped body is wide, while the upper part is thinner. Nearly 20% of the women we know had a bigger lower half with pronounced hips and thighs, a lean middle region with a well-defined waistline, and a slimmer upper half with a smaller bust. Choose salwar suits that may readily balance your look by emphasising your tiny waist and upper torso if you're a pear-shaped lady. Long, flowing Anarkali’s will accentuate your curves while concealing your bulky section, giving you an elegant appearance. Other suits with flares from the waist down will look equally as well on you. Punjabi suits that are short and well-fitted and worn with Patiala’s or dhoti pants would make your physique appear more proportioned.
  2. Apple-shaped figure: Almost 14% of women have an apple-shaped figure with fantastic curves. The figure is defined by a larger bust and upper back, as well as broad shoulders and toned limbs. The only troublesome issue is the tummy, which must be strategically covered by selecting the right outfits. If you have an apple-shaped figure, attempt to draw attention to the more attractive portions of your body instead of your bulky torso. Your go-to ethnic attire should be loose-fitting, flowing Anarkalis or other salwar suits. Punjabi suits elongate the body's midsection while emphasising the length of your arms and legs. To hide your broad shoulders, look for ethnic attire with 'U' or 'V'-shaped necklines.
  3. Hourglass bodied: The hourglass figure is the most attractive body type, although only 8% of women have it. Curved bosom, rounded buttocks, small waist, and flawlessly proportioned legs are the most prominent features. An hourglass figure is defined by equal bust and hip measures. If you have a flawless hourglass figure, wear anything and anything to show off your natural curves. Anarkali outfits of any length will highlight your best features and greatly boost your sex appeal. Choose any other well-fitted suits that will showcase your body's beautiful contour. You can also play around with your necklines.
  4. Column-shaped diva: Such bodies are naturally lean and slender, with no curves to speak of- athletic is what we mean. Because the shoulders are broad, the ideal option would be churidars combined with a slim-fitting kurta. Short kurtas will make your legs appear longer, so choose wisely when purchasing.
  5. Rectangular Figure: This is the most common form of figure you'll ever encounter, whether you call it a 'rectangular', a 'column,' or a 'ruler.' Nearly 46% of women have a straight shape, meaning they have a long torso, toned abs, well-defined limbs, and no noticeable curves. A rectangular body, in particular, is almost equal in all sections and hence appears athletic. 

If you're a rectangle diva, it can be difficult to concentrate on just one section of your body when shopping for salwar suits. Take advantage of it and have fun playing with your ethnic style. However, it's always a good idea to pick something distinctive that may easily provide the appearance of a curvy figure. Anarkali suits that are floor-length and correctly tailored are the greatest options for you because they accentuate your lower body. Suits with extensive decorations or beautiful embroideries on the upper region will draw attention to your bust area while also making your waist appear thinner. You can also go for strappy outfits, which will draw attention away from your body type and emphasise your wide shoulders.

That's all there is to it, women! I hope you've found some helpful hints for stocking your closet with the appropriate salwar suits. So, what do you have to lose? Begin shopping right away with Panna sarees and get the best of your outfits from the large collection.

Get ready, set, and go!

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