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Top 6 Occasions Where You Can Wear Banarasi Sarees

by Shaan Malhotra 08 Nov 2021

A Banarasi saree is one of the most traditional Indian outfits that still holds a top position in every woman's ethnic wardrobe. These Banarasi sarees bear an intrinsic grace and charisma that is arduous to get in any other ethnic ensemble. 

A classic epitome of vogue and refinement, a fancy Banarasi saree possesses the potential to bring out your inner appeal at weddings, festive and social events. Be it your best friend's wedding or a fun-filled Diwali party with your family. You can always amp up your glam by donning a partywear, stylish Banarasi saree. 

What makes Banarasi sarees so popular?

A designer Banarasi saree is not only prevalent as part of the bridal outfit in Indian weddings, but ladies from every culture and age group love donning this saree. Also, Banarasi sarees are popular in the Indian style industry and the global fashion realm. 

This Indian ethnic wear holds countless elaborate, intricate patterns spun into the six yards that make this saree beautiful. Even after the advent of advanced technology, Banarasi saree artisans still utilize hand-weaving methods to weave patterns with silver and gold threads to create this Banarasi saree. 

In addition, these stunning and luxurious sarees have grown immensely attractive and are every woman's premier option when it comes to sarees. Their elegant and fascinating weavings by creators who use motifs, zari, and emeralds have become a preference among women across the globe. 

A Banarasi saree comes in four varieties; Georgette saree, Shamir saree, organza (Kora), pure silk (Katan) with interesting cutwork, and Resham butidar holding an animal, floral and geometric patterns. Moreover, the Banarasi sarees originally came adorned with threads created from pure gold and silver for the imperial family. However, to be economical nowadays for everyone, the strings got replaced with artificial gold and silver threads. 

Occasions to carry a Banarasi saree

Sarees are an eternal love of every Indian woman, and no other outfit can enhance their elegance the way a saree does. However, out of different saree varieties, a stylish Banarasi saree forever catches every woman's attention, given its sheer fabric and opulent embroidery. 

This is why more and more women prefer making a style statement with a Banarasi saree on every occasion. Mentioned hereunder are the top six events where you can never go wrong by carrying a beautiful Banarasi saree. 

Banarasi sarees for wedding parties

Weddings in India are an event full of grandeur and indulgence. This is why every woman craves to look her stylish best by donning a perfect ethnic outfit. Out of all different ethnic wear options, a Banarasi saree holds a next-level appeal and can make you look elegant and refined at all the wedding festivities you attend.

Also, to look radiant at every wedding or reception, you can opt for a Banarasi saree in shades like sunlight yellow, bright orange, or ruby red with intricate embellishments or embroidery. To finish this elegant look, team up your Banarasi saree with heavy jhumkas and platform heels.

Banarasi sarees for festive events

With the festive seasons fast approaching, women started brimming their online shopping carts with the latest ethnic wear outfits. A Banarasi saree for the upcoming Diwali and Eid festival can give you some real royal vibes. Also, to keep your best fashion foot forward, you can opt for a silk Banarasi saree in vibrant shades like peacock blue, turquoise green, and powder pink. 

On the other hand, if you want to make a subtle appearance, you can choose pastel shades like lavender, lilac, or onion pink. In addition, to complete your royal look, team up your Banarasi silk saree with a diamond necklace and a statement bracelet. 

Banarasi sarees for family gatherings

Family gatherings are relaxed, fun-filled events where you can have fun with your friends and family. On such occasions, every woman aspires to dress up in something casual that keeps them comfortable throughout the day. So what's better than a cotton Banarasi saree? 

A cotton Banarasi saree is the perfect epitome of style and comfort that is sure to get you showered with compliments. Also, to look more fashionable, you can opt for a light embroidered Banarasi saree teamed up with fresh flowers in your hair and a delicate pearl necklace. 

Banarasi sarees for casual parties

Are you trying to make a fashionable fashion statement at your casual parties? Nothing can beat a Banarasi saree. With the saree trends reviving themselves in the fashion world, you can always make a stunning appearance at your casual lunch or dinner parties. 

Also, to look chic and elegant, you can opt for a Georgette Banarasi saree and team it up with a statement pearl necklace, studs, and messy bun, and you are all set to dazzle. 

Banarasi sarees for brunch meetings

Be it a romantic brunch with your beau or an official brunch meeting with your colleagues. You can always choose a Banarasi saree to make a sophisticated appearance. 

Moreover, picking a Banarasi saree for your brunch meetings will add more charm and grace to your personality. To finish this brunch look, you can go team up your saree with diamond studs, a statement watch, and high heels for a radiant look. 

Banarasi sarees for outings

Are you planning for a fun-filled outing with your family or friends and are confused about what to wear to look chic? Go for an Organza Banarasi saree. Organza is one of the most comfortable and flowy fabrics that keep you cool throughout your outings. Also, to make a stylish appeal, you can pick a Banarasi organza saree in shades like ice blue or yellow teamed up with minimal accessories and a pair of sunglasses. 

Shop for the latest Banarasi sarees online

To sum up, we can say that a traditional or modern Banarasi saree is the most prized possession that you can readily wear on almost every occasion to make a stunning fashion statement. Also, if you are looking for designer Banarasi sarees online at the most affordable rates, look no further than Panna

Panna is a premier ethnic wear brand in India to buy Katan Banarasi saree online or stunning georgette Banarasi saree, and many more at an affordable price range. 

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