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Trendy And Stylish Salwar Kameez Suit For Parties

by Shaan Malhotra 20 Jan 2022

The New Year party season is about to take over and with so many events, parties, and festivities to attend, it can be a daunting task to even think about what to wear to each one. Luckily,  salwar kameez suits have come to your rescue. Salwar kameez suits are the perfect combination of comfort, intricate and decadent design, and unique cuts and colors. Whether you are going for a soft and feminine look or a gaudy and bedazzled look, the choices of designer suits online India are endless. Here are some of our favorite trendy and stylish salwar kameez suits for parties this festive season.


There are many different fabric choices for salwar suits. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Ethnic Loom 

Fine ethnic loom materials make the perfect fabric for salwar suits for somewhat more formal events such as weddings or fine dining events. The ethnic loom materials give you a traditional and classical yet elevated and elegant look. They are available in several rich jewel tones like peacock blues, ruby reds, and emerald greens. Ethnic loom salwar suits are adorned with intricately designed borders in gold threading and traditional golden zari embroidery work.

  • Georgette 

Georgette is one of the top materials for salwar suits. They come in a range of different colors, shapes, and silhouettes. From sharara suit to embroidered suits, there is no end to the possibilities with georgette fabric. Georgette salwar is always in trend due to its availability in lovely pastel shades like pink, off-white, mint green, and baby blue. We have many suits that look luxurious yet understated and classy.

  • Chanderi Cotton 

Chanderi cotton salwar is yet another classical, traditional choice for formal events such as weddings or black-tie dinners. They are available in rich colors and golden or silver thread work around the borders. We also have many pieces that come with a Banarasi dupatta for that extra traditional element. 

  • Cotton 

You can’t go wrong with a simple and elegant cotton salwar suit. Due to the versatility of the material, cotton pieces are available in endless varieties of colors and prints as well as styles. The best part about cotton salwars is that they are comfortable and airy to wear. You can buy cotton unstitched suits online or readymade pieces as well on our website.


The amazing thing about salwar sets is that within its classic top, pants, and dupatta framework, there are so many choices of silhouettes, styles, and designs to choose from. Our trend forecasters predict these styles for 2022:

  • Palazzo Pant Salwar Suit

The palazzo pant craze seems to show no sign of slowing down. It has been a favorite pairing with anarkalis and salwar suits for the last two years, and we can see why. The palazzo pant silhouette, which goes up to the ankle, is the perfect modern complementary pairing with the traditional silhouette of the salwar top. On top of that, it’s great to wear for the hot months since it is nice and wide and airy. We highly recommend a palazzo pant salwar kameez or Anarkali suit for a modern, yet traditional silhouette.

  • Floor Length Salwar Suit

Floor-length salwar suits are India’s answer to red carpet gowns. Available in the most decadent fabrics and colors, floor-length salwars can make you look regal and elegant. They are perfect for any occasion, especially for more formal events. We have floor-length salwar sets in a variety of different colors and materials, but the most popular ones are the Chanderi salwars and muslin salwars. 

  • Dhoti Pant Salwar Suit

The adorable dhoti pants are making appearances in more and more salwar suits. They are traditional, yet a bit unconventional, but even so, they have quite a striking look. How amazing would they look on a person with long legs and a tall, elegant build? Don’t shy away from this style for 2022 and we have got lots of choices for you on our website.

  • Classic Sharara Salwar Suit

The classic sharara has been part and parcel of Indian traditional wear since the Mughal Era. It was at the height of popularity during the 1960s and 1970s when they were a big hit in the Bollywood scene. The sharara suit is complete with a short, almost hip-length Kurti, a set of wide, flared, sometimes frilled pants, and a dupatta. 

  • Patiala Salwar Suit 

The Patiala salwar silhouette is still in style. The adorable pant style that originated in Punjab is a fun and peppy style that is great to dance in. Hence Patiala salwar suits make for great outfits for parties that involve a lot of dancing to Punjabi music.


Salwar suits in all of the above silhouettes and fabrics also come with a variety of different types of designs. Here are our two favorite design trends for this season: 

  • Digital Prints

Digital prints have been on everything recently. From sarees to blouses to salwar kameez and Anarkali suits, digital prints add the perfect modern twist to the traditional silhouette of the salwar suit. The great thing about printed salwar suits is that there is no end to the number of possibilities in terms of design. You can go as crazy or as mellow as you please with the design and experiment with different styles. At Panna Sarees, we have a nice collection of printed unstitched salwar suits with prints adorning pastel as well as rich colored muslin fabric. 

  • Embroidered Salwar Suits

Embroidered salwar suits are embellished with the most intricate and delicate designs. In addition to gorgeous thread work, the embroidery work is also made of beads, sequins, Dabka work, golden zari work, and Zarkan work, typically set against georgette material and tissue or lace dupatta. The lovely Georgette embroidered readymade sharara set, available in pastel pink, pastel blue, and lavender shades and adorned with pearlescent sequins, is one of our top-selling garments. It has a round neck, 3/4th sleeves, and tissue dupatta and would make for a fun party wear.

As you can see, salwar suits make a truly fun and easy choice for a party or formal wear and you’d be spoilt for choice when it comes to the fabric, colors, silhouettes, styles, and designs of these pieces. At Panna Sarees, we make buying designer suits online India easy, and hassle-free. You can browse our online store for all the latest styles and trends in salwar kameez suits for parties and events this new year.

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