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10 Designer Sarees to Shine Throughout this Wedding Season

by Shaan Malhotra 05 Aug 2022

Whether you are planning a wedding look or a reception after that, sarees make for an exceptional choice. Just pick a designer saree that is pre-stitched or ready to wear and you are ready to slay!

Designer sarees elevate the beauty of every occasion with their timeless finesse and grace. 

You can choose to wear a saree with ruffles, go for something delicate with floral Resham thread work, or pick a shimmering Swarovski saree. Choose from the finest collection of designer sarees to amp up your wedding look. 

From heavenly soft textures, to embellishments that radiate with every glance. We have just the right list for you to buy designer sarees online that are perfect for any wedding function. 

Banarasi Sarees

The spellbinding Banarasi silk sarees have flourished a fashion sensation around the globe and are considered a classic choice for the brides or bridesmaid to look their best. 

Banarasi sarees have always been close to heart with Indian brides. Its opulence, intricate designs and luxurious feel has made it one of the best sartorial options for a bride who wants to dazzle the wedding in a traditional way.

A designer Banarasi saree is embellished with golden and silver zari weaving. The elegant motifs of silver and golden zari are woven in exquisite patterns. The border of the saree also features golden zari motif, elevating the aesthetics of the saree. Its ecstatic hues with dual tones give a graceful touch to your wedding look. 

Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

A classic kanjivaram silk saree is a perfect pick for the sumptuous occasions, it comes in various vibrant hues and exquisite work details. A silk saree has a gleaming appearance to it that'll surely turn heads. 

These sarees feature delicate zari work with mesmerizing themes such as florals, animal patterns, scriptures, and temple art.

Tissue Silk Sarees

A favourite with women across the world, tissue is a quintessential fabric popular for its fine finish and fabulous luster. It's lightweight and easy to drape. 

The fabulous texture and elegant zari embroidery work makes it ideal for a wedding event. The saree is mostly made of silk thread.

Sarees with Sequin Work

Any wedding trousseau is incomplete without sarees featuring sequin work. Sequins are both classic, whimsical, and all things extraordinaire. 

A favorite amongst Bollywood celebrities, these gorgeous sequin sarees will make you feel like a celebrity, too. You may choose from chiffon, net, georgette, organza, nylon, and other fabrics to spell the magic of sequence. 

Organza Sarees

The sheer organza sarees are a popular option among modern ladies and bridesmaids. Their smooth fabric and impeccable drapes perfectly capture the grandeur of traditional culture. 

Adorn this sleek and elegant organza saree to make an elegant statement in every occasion. The organza drapes are made with thin fiber filaments woven together in a balanced way to create a magnificent appearance. 

Khaddi Georgette Sarees

These exquisite khaadi banarasi georgette sarees are woven with highly twisted yarns that create a crumpled texture. An affluent piece of craft that'll spread lively vibes to every special event. 

This saree bestows elegant style and could make a stunning statement at any occasion you wish to go.

Gota Patti Sarees

Gota Patti work has taken over the world and the sarees are no less than a work of art. A Gota Patti designer saree is exquisitely handcrafted for brides and features motifs that are inspired by the royal lifestyle of Rajasthan dynasty.

Along with Gota, these sarees are embellished with pearls, sequins and zardozi work to create an ethereal bridal look.

Net Sarees

If you want to create a stunning yet elegant look for the wedding, designer net sarees are what you need to rock this wedding season. Net Sarees have their own unique charm of glamor and style. Net Sarees are light-weight, highly comfortable, and easy to drape and accessories. Netted Sarees add a contemporary twist to the traditional weave. 

Net sarees are perfect to drape for cocktail parties, day weddings, and other sophisticated events where you want to look glamorous while following the traditional theme.

Printed Sarees 

There are multiple options of designer sarees to choose from, but printed sarees will always be class apart. Adorn a timeless printed saree and you won’t even need to accessorize because the eloquent patterns will create a divine aura around you.

Indulge into the exquisite prints that adorn a printed saree such as floral, striped, checkered, bandhani, patola, and many other digital print sarees available online. You can easily buy printed silk sarees online india which are suitable for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. 

Chanderi Sarees

Designer chanderi silk sarees are undoubtedly one of the most loved choices of Indian women for a wedding saree. Characterized by its fine texture, lightweight and luxurious feel, these stunning sarees are weaved in golden zari, cotton and silk. 

If you're seeking something completely fresh and fashionable this wedding season, a designer chanderi silk saree will be the perfect choice for you. 

Buy Designer Sarees Online India for Wedding

Weddings are considered a very special event in Indian culture and its memories are treasured for lifetime. Wedding shopping is one of the most exciting and exhausting parts of it. But with online shopping you can save all the time and efforts. 

Panna sarees offers a stunning collection for you to buy designer sarees online. From luxurious soft silk designer sarees to folklore-enhanced Banarasi saree from intricate embroidery to gorgeous mirror work, our sarees come in all shades, fabrics, adorned with all kinds of intricacies. 

Buying the perfect saree for a wedding has never been so easy and seamless. Shop online for your now! Go and explore our exquisite Wedding Saree Collection.

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