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Banarasi Sarees, the Trend of Today and Tomorrow

by Shaan Malhotra 15 Jun 2022

Weddings are about the lavish and ornamental apparel and accessories. There exist limitless choices for the clothing, but no outfit can be compared with the Banarasi saree's classic beauty. The Banarasi sarees are woven with motifs in the silk look that is luxurious without any kind of embroidery or heavy embellishment. 

These sarees are also available in different fabrics. For example, the khaddi Georgette Banarasi sarees are available to buy in-store or through online mode from some of the most popular websites like Panna Sarees. However, do not forget no matter how many fabrics are available, silk always has been one of the popular choices of the people who prefer Banarasi sarees. The Banarasi sarees are considered as the price position within the wardrobe of a woman as it can be warned for many years and can also be passed to the younger generations.

For sure, these sarees have a timeless style, and they can be worn forever, even when the trends continue to change. No matter whether it is an evening event, a formal party, or a wedding function, one can wear it anywhere without having to worry about anything at all.

Banarsi Saree types

The Banarasi sarees have been characterized in four types, and the same is based on the fabric in which they are available.

  • Pure silk or Katan
  • Organza with the zari and the silk
  • Georgette and
  • Shattir

Amidst it all, the pure self Banarasi sarees are one of the most popular varieties of the sarees. If one is willing to buy the same, they can know the Katan Banarasi saree price online. However, do not forget to check out the other sarees that have been characterized on the basis based on the design. Based on the same, the Banarasi sarees have been classified in the below mentioned.

  • Tanchoi
  • Cutwork
  • Jangla
  • Vaskat
  • Tissue
  • Butidar

What is special about Banarasi sarees?

The Banarasi sarees are famous for the special characteristics it offers to the women who wear the same. These sarees are known for intricating the interweaving of foliate and floral motifs, Bel and kalga, the string of the upright leaves call as the jhallar that is present on the outer edge of the border. It is all such characteristics of these sarees that separate from the others and, as said above, make it a prized possession of the ones who own the same.

Banarasi sarees are back in the Vogue - what’s so trendy about them?

According to the Vogue, one of the most elegant saree forms that are available in India is the Banarasi saree, the legacy of which comes from the ancient city named Varanasi, wherein the craftsman used the silver and the gold thread for creating the sarees for the women who came from royal families. Every single inch of these amazing sarees is all about sartorial elegance and the royal appeal, which makes them much more trending even among modern women.

Engravings, designs, and the sophisticated motif, etc., that are on the finest brocade silk make the Banarasi sarees stand apart from their counterparts. The silk used is quite shiny and also rich. No matter whether it is the regular Banarasi saree or a wedding one, all of them have the natural sheen that is known for providing a luxe feel.

These sarees are an essential part of the bride trousseau in the north Indian part of India. Even the rich women with classy and rich taste like to invest in this attire. As of today, these sarees are one of the most treasured heirloom women's collections all across the country.

Banarasi Sarees are trending again

The Indian designers are to be thanked for reviving the industry and for bringing back the fashion of the age-old handloom because such contemporary Banarasi saree versions are all about the preserved legacy which combines the modern appeal. In the latest trend of these sarees, there are floral, striped, and geometric patterns. 

The jeweled weaves, even they are one another trending style that exists in the collection of some of the best sarees, and the silk for sure has transformed over time which provides the modern version with a perfect blend of the color palette, fabric, and motifs while trying to reserve the pattern of traditional classic sarees. Some of the Banarasi sarees which are becoming the fashion trends are, golden and ivory Banarasi saree, Georgia Banarasi saree, Banarasi cotton silk sarees, and floral banarasi sarees, chiffon banarasi sarees, etc.

Buy the best Banarasi Sarees from Panna Sarees

Panna Sarees is one of the prominent fashion brands to buy ethnic wear for over the century. It embodies craftsmanship, style, and quality. With the tradition the organization holds within the retail business of dress material, Banarasi sarees, readymade garments, Kurtis, and lehenga cholis, they have not just understood the trends but are also fulfilling the requirements of the customers at large. So in case you are planning to make a purchase for the khaddi Georgette Banarasi saree or a silk banarasi saree, etc., do not hesitate and upgrade your wardrobe today.

Believe it or not but these sarees will never go out of trend and will hold their value for a very long period, and who knows, you might also be able to pass on your collection to the younger generation. So, go ahead and shop today!

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