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Evergreen Salwar Suit Styles

by Shaan Malhotra 15 Feb 2022

Talking about traditional Indian clothing, Indian women are definitely spoiled for choice. There are several alternatives for them to pick from, that includes sarees, anarkalis, Kurtis and cholis. When she leaves the house, every lady wants to look her best and dress nicely. The everlasting salwar kameez is one of the most popular outfits among women. This adaptable ensemble is appropriate for many seasons, events, and age groups. There are various ways to buy unstitched party wear suits online

The salwar suit is an ethnic garment used by various Asian countries. Salwar suits are an essential part of Indian traditional clothing for ladies. Women like adding their favorite patterns to their salwar suit collections by purchasing fashionable designs from well-known designers or readymade Anarkali suits online for casual, daily wear. Here is a selection of salwar kameez styles that will never go out of style.

Straight Cut Salwar Suit

It's a favourite with females of all ages because of its flattering shape and style. The kameez is straight and fitting, and it may be worn with either a churidar or pants. This cut makes the wearer seem tall and thin. Cotton and cotton silk is commonly used in these outfits. This long kurti looks great with palazzo pants or a flared skirt. You may attract a lot of attention at any gathering by adding a few accessories like bangles and high-heeled footwear. This pattern is the greatest of salwar suit styles since it is timeless and an all-time favourite.

Sharara Salwar Suit

Shararas are commonly mistaken for palazzos, however, they are significantly wider and pleated. They provide the illusion of a drawstring skirt. Sharara suits are most commonly paired with a knee-length kameez. It is particularly fit for individuals with slender structures because it provides volume to the form. They are frequently coupled with churidars or trousers and contain delicate and exquisite thread work and embroidery. As the intricate work shines prominently on these fabrics, silk, organza, and chiffon are employed.

With a traditional jacket, Pakistani suits may be made more interesting. Sharara is a cheerful and colourful outfit that is ideal for parties, sangeets, and mehndi rituals. Potli bags, zari-worked dupattas, and big designs add to the outfit's vibrancy. Crepe and chiffon are the most popular fabrics for shararas because they add texture.

Anarkali Salwar Suits

This attire lends a regal touch to the wearer's personality, inspired by the clothes of the Mughal royal family. This cut is best used for gota, needlework, and ornamentation and looks opulent in just about any fabric. The flowing fabric conceals those extra inches and curves with ease. A richly embroidered Anarkali kurta is ideal for a festive appearance. Combining it with a palazzo or sharara, according to the latest trends, adds extra flair and dimension to the outfit, offering it a regal appeal. You can buy readymade anarkali suits online on our website. 

Palazzo Salwar Suit

Pakistani design houses are the source of this salwar. The salwar is an elegant shape with broad, flared legs, while the kameez is long and straight. The palazzos feature a parallel foundation that does not adhere to your torso or legs. It's appropriate for both cocktail gatherings and formal workplace meetings. A simple item, like a dupatta or scarf, may easily liven up the appearance. These suits may also be worn with a jacket, looking for a more androgynous feel.

Front Open Salwar Suit  

With the large wide slit in the front, this salwar suit design is provocative, yet not an obscene apparel from any aspect. This design is best worn by women who have an athletic physique or an hourglass profile. Choose chiffon, georgette, or any other fabric with a strong texture. A churidar or palazzo trousers may be worn with this front open Kurta. Put on a pair of high-heeled shoes and strut around in your front-cut suit like a superstar.

Punjabi salwar kameez

This is most likely the first salwar suit type we are all familiar with, as well as the original design out of which numerous salwar designs have grown. The salwar is frequently pleated, while the kameez is shorter and fitting. It has an enduring attraction. A Punjabi salwar kameez is preferred by women who want to look elegant yet can't sacrifice comfort. This look is ideal for a Sangeet celebration or a day out with friends. Cotton or linen are commonly used since these airy textiles could be imprinted and painted in a variety of colours. Accessories such as tassles and potli handbags can be combined with these outfits.

Churidar style

Churidar is yet another fashionable salwar kameez design. This design exudes perfect beauty and sophistication. It's a cross between a pair of western trousers and an Indian salwar. The long churidars provide the wearer with a svelte and elegant appearance. Because this design is so basic, it allows for a lot of experimentation. The kameez can be stitched with cotton, silk, or synthetic materials like georgette. With a long and short regular Kurti, this ethnic garment looks classy. Women choose kurtas with large slits to give them a trendy touch. A new fashion style is to layer long or short coats over it.

It can also be embellished with dupattas with Kantha work, embroidered scarves, or large pieces of jewellry like drop earrings and chains. If the suit is stitched in velvet, then simple jewellry in complementary colors will suffice. This exquisite fabric gives this Indian salwar a regal touch.

Salwar kameez styles have changed a lot throughout the years as trends have changed. Crop tops and slacks, dresses, caped salwar suits, and other new designs and trends have supplanted old ones, yet they will not go out of style. They go well with dupattas, shawls, and chunnis. This dress is still fashionable and may turn heads. These outfits are ageless in their allure. They will never go out of style, rest assured. It is a piece of cake to choose the appropriate salwar suit for yourself and your loved ones, just visit Panna Sarees and buy the trendiest and best quality unstitched party wear suits online. The store has a variety of salwar suits including readymade anarkali suits online, all you have to do is visit us and find your pick!

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