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A Guide to Best Outfits for Perfect Bridal Look

by Shaan Malhotra 20 Nov 2022

Wedding day is probably one of the most important days in one’s life. And by the end of it, you will have a life partner alongside you for the rest of your life. As dreamy and exciting it may sound, the idea of shopping outfits for the various Indian wedding rituals sounds even better. 

Indian weddings have a list of rituals and traditions that enhance the experience of getting married, for you are in the center of everyone’s attention. Moreover, you can enjoy all the attention and the wonderful rituals by wearing all those beautiful outfits to each event and looking absolutely gorgeous the whole time.

Selecting The Best Outfits For Perfect Bridal Look

It is completely understandable that you want to look the best during all the wedding rituals. To pick the right outfit for your special occasion is the only way to go. In our country brides, their friends and family start shopping for wedding essentials months before the D-day. When looking for the perfect outfit, be on the lookout for the latest trends that go well with your unique sense of style. 

Referring to magazines and following experts' tips will help you make the right choice, for the right color and fit, which can make a whole lot of difference to your bridal look. If you aren't sure about your choice, here is a comprehensive guide to choose the perfect wedding outfits. 

Keeping it Simple For Roka

Roka is a very intimate event, where your wedding is officially fixed with your groom to be. Only those close to the family and friends attend the Roka ceremony. So, you can adorn a simple yet elegant look for your Roka. 

You can opt for light pastel shades and subtle designs for your dress. An ideal outfit for the ceremony would be a Kurti and churidar. You can add a dash of color with a contrasting, bright dupatta with it. You can also wear light coloured saree featuring minimalistic details. If you want to do something different, try experimenting with the look by wearing palazzo or sharara pants instead of the traditional churidar. 

Radiate With Elegance At the Engagement

The day has finally come to officially announce your wedding in front of your relatives, friends, and extended family by commencing your engagement ceremony. With a lot of guests attending this function, it is time to level up your fashion game. 

You have a number of pretty choices when it comes to engagement outfits. Swoon them over with a heavy-embroidery lehenga embellished with rich details. You can go for the trending and versatile jacket-style lehenga set with a heavily embroidered jacket and simple skirts. You can also opt for a long Kurti over your lehenga. If you wish to try something besides the regular lehenga, go for classic sarees like Banarasi, Kanjeevaram or easily adorn a floor-length party gown.

Go Casual for Mehndi

Mehendi is one of the most lively rituals of an Indian wedding, where the exquisite henna patterns are laid on the bride’s hands and feet. 

Most brides go for Mehendi designs that cover most of their hands and until they shine on the legs.

While most of the women opt for lehengas for most of the functions, wearing a saree for mehendi function can be a unique option that'll make you stand apart. Not only do you add a classic to your wardrobe but also have a fuss-free outfit for your mehendi event. Sarees in fresh hues and unique silhouettes are the way to go while picking a Mehndi outfit.

Steal The Spotlight At Sangeet

The sangeet ceremony is the time to dance and enjoy yourself with your family and friends. However, it is also the time you will be in the spotlight along with your fiance during the couple dance. Be ready to put your best foot forward. You can choose from a royal lehenga, party-sarees, and fancy Kurti and sharara pants to steal the spotlight at the sangeet Ceremony. 

Adorn The Hues Of Haldi

It is the morning of your wedding day and time for your Haldi, where your family members will apply turmeric paste on your face, arms, and feet. Since this is also a private ceremony, you can go casual, as well. Make sure your Haldi ceremony outfit has a sleeveless top and something you can lift easily on the bottom. Moreover, make sure it is not white, pink, off-cream, or any of the lighter colors. You can stick with the theme and go for yellow, be it saree, kurti, or any other outfit you wish to wear. 

Go Traditional for The Wedding

The wedding day is here, and it is time to wear your priced outfit for the D-Day. Mostly Indian brides go for lehengas with red and gold embroidery for their wedding ceremony. However, you can go outside the box and try something different by wearing outfits of different hues like yellow, pink, green, blue, even black, or a combination of them all. Moreover, you can let go of the traditional lehenga and opt for wedding sarees in different colours and patterns that best suit your personal taste.

Dress To Impress At Reception

A reception is usually held after a few days of  your wedding day and includes guests that are mostly from the Groom's side, that means you need to dress to impress.

For the Reception is when you will first meet your husband’s extended family and friends. Make your first impression the best by wearing something stylish and unique. You can go traditional and usual with a lehenga or go regal with a Banarasi or even Muga silk saree with a kundan set to complete your look. If you wish to showcase your lively and effervescent personality, opt for an embroidered kurti paired with either a flowy lehenga skirt, palazzo, or sharara.

Find The Best Outfits For Your Wedding At Panna Sarees

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