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How to wear saree like lehenga

by Shaan Malhotra 05 Jan 2023

A lehenga-style saree has been in the trend for quite a time now! But in recent years this trend has only added more glam and fusion techniques to say smart saree draping skills to get a completely new look for a half saree or lehenga saree.

A saree is adaptable & versatile so it can be worn in various ways. If you are wondering how to drape saree like lehenga then just know that with the broad expanse of cloth, you have a lot of style possibilities. 

Let’s take a look at the list of both well-known and lesser-known styles with Panna Sarees

for repurposing your favourite saree and to learn how to drape saree like lehenga.

How to drape saree like lehenga : multiple style solutions!  

Style 1: Half saree with Lehenga

You can buy designer sarees online India to pick your choice of drape and then for the first style let’s peep into the saree draping style of Half saree with Lehenga. This pattern of draping has been popular amongst celebrities who also take interest in this stylish look and have nailed it.

Style 2: Wearing the saree like a lehenga

For the next style in how to drape saree like lehenga you need to take out a Half saree as you are wearing the saree like a lehenga that shows two parts of it.

  • Wrap the saree on the petticoat.
  • Now from the right make small pleats of 2 inches faced on the left side and then tuck them in the waistline.
  • Keep making pleats and tucking forward each time you pleat.
  • Keep doing this until you reach the pallu.

Thus your look is completed and you have successfully made a Lehenga out of the saree! 

Style 3: Half lehenga saree

This version of a half lehenga saree is again where you need only a saree to get the look and not a Lehenga. So for choosing the best one buy designer sarees online India.

  • Start draping the saree from right to left.
  • When you are in one wrap-around then stop on the right side.
  • Take the saree and make small pleats again just like mentioned in the previous style.
  • Do not make pleats at the back.
  • Stop on the left side and from where the pallu border starts take the pallu around from back to front and throw it over the right shoulder in open style or pleat it up and then place it across the right shoulder to the front.

Style 4:  Lehenga and Dupatta are worn like a saree

If you are looking for more ways to find out how to drape saree like lehenga then style 3 has a different look to impress you. This look will resemble a Lehenga and Dupatta that too made by just a saree. To purchase matching sets have a look into the portal of Panna Sarees where the collection is so wide-ranged that you can easily choose your sort!  

  • To begin with the draping start with the process mentioned in style 3 but stop the pleats at left and take about a foot of fabric, fold it over in a diagonal alignment, and then tuck over the front waist covering the pleated tucks.
  • After that drape the remaining saree which is looking like the pallu, from back to front, making pleats for the shoulder.
  • Drape on the front bodice to the left shoulder and secure with a pin.

There! You got your fourth look all ready! 

Style 5: Half Saree style

Half Saree style is yet again here which has become very much trendy on the saree draping topic. Buy designer sarees online India for this style, best recommended online store will be an authentic shop like Panna Sarees. For carrying out this look you will need a lehenga, choli, and a saree to contrast the look of the Half Saree Style.

  • Firstly put on the lehenga and make pleats on the pallu section completely and then drape it on the left shoulder.
  • Then take the pleats from left to right side across the front bodice neatly, and tuck the inner border roughly in your right side of the waist.
  • After that take the other inner side end of your saree, and bring it in front of the left side.
  • Make widthwise pleats and tuck them to the centre waistline. Then, pull out the same edge and drape from the centre to the left side waist tucking in neatly.
  • Now you have the inverted V shape in front of the lehenga with the drape. Now come to the back where you will a loop of the saree.
  • Now in the back, you will have a loop of the saree.
  • Take the edge from the left side and make pleats spreading them step by step. Then,  look at the back waist and tuck in the waistline.

Finish your look with a Kammar bandh or waist belt chain over the saree.

Now your look is complete!

So now you have 5 lehenga styles to ace with a saree! 

Shop authentic & glamorous ethnic wear & stay absolutely gorgeous with Panna Sarees! 

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